Treating the disorder with new insomnia medication

Briefing on the disorder

The condition of sleeplessness, also called as insomnia is a sleep disorder where the affected individuals face the problems related to their regular sleep cycles and hence face a lot of disruptions about the same. Characterized by tiredness, mood swings, low energy, depressed looks and day sleeping in workplaces, it affects quite a significant number of individuals and hence can lead to adverse effects in the future, if not given sufficient attention. Thus, in recent times, there has been some advancement in terms of new insomnia medication, and the article discusses more on the same.

The principle of treatment

Every serious and acute disorder holds the cause for the same at the cellular levels, where the hormonal actions can cause the symptoms in the external sides and lead to aggravation of the problem. Thus, the principle of the new insomnia medication generally involves about inhibiting the hormone called orexin, which is released by the hypothalamus in the brain to cause the sensation of wakefulness. There have been severaltypes of research in this field on finding the perfect drug and have been put under the radar of FDA for approval.


The first one

One amongst the first drugs approved by the FDA under the new insomnia medicationincludes Suvorexant. This has been one of the effective ones that target the action of the orexins at the cellular level and inhibit those from propagating the problem of insomnia. It has also been reported with very rare cases of side effects amongst the test subjects. The medication for the same includes dosage of only one 20 mg tablet to be taken half an hour before going for sleep and maintaining the sleep cycle for at least 7 hours. The product is yet to be launched in the market for commercial use.

Volunteering for the trials

For the further search of the new insomnia medication,interested individuals need to volunteer for the trials process because not only do they get the first-hand experience on the overall drug action but also get to learn a lot about the upcoming technology. The facilities offered during the entire period includes sponsored trip and stay during the process, extensive care during the study period for any side effects and financial incentives in case of success.

Thus, with the development of one such effective drug to be ready for launch, further products are still under the pipeline that can effectively treat the disorder.